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Christians and the Holy Land: What does the Lord Require? (Lexington, MA)

  • Lexington United Methodist Church 2600 Massachusetts Avenue Lexington, Mass. (map)

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As Americans, we are often exposed to media reports about the Middle East and Israel/Palestine in particular that are sensational, but not always insightful.   The National Conference is designed to provide deeper insights into the contemporary dynamics of the Holy Land and the broader Middle East. Speakers will address specifically the Iran Nuclear Deal, what happened to the Arab Spring, The Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the role of the U.S. in the Middle East. It will be particularly valuable, because the perspectives we will present are not usually presented in the mainstream media in the U.S.

The Society for Biblical Studies has a special and obvious interest in the Holy Land and the broader Middle East. We always seek to promote discussion of pertinent moral issues. All of our speakers will offer a wealth of expert information and insights not usually presented in mainstream media to help us understand individual and collective moral responsibility.

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Lexington United Methodist Church
2600 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, Mass.

Thursday evening Keynote Address

Prof. Noam Chomsky —

The Iran Nuclear Deal:  Some Critical Questions

Friday September 18, 19 Speakers

Prof. Stephen Walt —
Can the United States Manage the Middle East? Should It Try?

Prof. Ilan Pappe —
A New Dictionary for Palestine: Calling a Spade a Spade

  • Mrs. Jean Zaru, Presiding Clerk, Ramallah Friends Meeting Quakers
    author of Occupied With Non-Violence: A Palestinian Woman Speaks (2008)
  • Dr. Mark Braverman, Executive Director Kairos USA
  • Dr. Sara Roy, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Middle East Studies, Harvard University
  • Avner Gvaryahu, Jewish Relations Coordinator, Breaking the Silence
  • The Rev. Peter J. Miano, Executive Director, The Society For Biblical Studies:
    Mainstream Christian Zionism

Sponsored by The Society for Biblical Studies