‘Peace for Palestine/ West of Boston’ began in 2009, and has met monthly since that time.

 Purpose Statement

 1. To educate ourselves and others regarding both the “facts on the ground” in Palestine and U.S. policy in regard to Palestine,

 2. To take action to educate others based on those facts and lobby our legislators to support Palestine interests, &

3. To work with other individuals and groups of like mind to find common ground among every Palestine support organization in the U.S.; eventually connecting  both Coasts of the U.S. as a counter to anti-Palestinian lobbies.

Goals & Objectives

1. To hold discussion meetings in MetroWest, using sources such as Steadfast Hope in order to educate about the apartheid. Special focus is in regard to where our U.S. taxpayer dollars are spent regarding Palestine and Israel,

2. To support and sponsor speakers who have worked in Palestine for discussion and dialogue, and to offer educational films about Palestine to those interested West of Boston, 

3. To lobby our state and national reps regarding fair voting on behalf of Palestinian citizens, and

 4. To support the New England Network for Justice for Palestine.

We welcome new members.  

For more information:


    Box 5119     Cochituate, MA 01775