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Pax Christi (Massachusetts, National, and International) promotes universal human rights, both at home and abroad, through solidarity with oppressed and marginalized people struggling for dignity. Pax Christi USA & International rejects every form of political and economic domination over others and fosters a reverence for all creation.

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Our primary focus is facilitating area study groups about Palestine / Israel issues, based on research by scholars in both America and the Middle East via the study guide Steadfast Hope: The Palestinian quest for Just Peace and a companion DVD.

This work is co-sponsored with MetroWest Peace Action.

The conflict in the Middle East, especially Israel / Palestine, is currently often in our news media. But because most Americans do not know the history and current realities of this conflict, and as importantly, the steps we can take locally toward peace in that region, our work with Steadfast Hope opens the minds and hearts of group attendees to the plight and work of the Palestinian people.

The 46 page book, Steadfast Hope is researched, written, and published by the national Episcopalian and Presbyterian churches. The focus and purpose of these discussions emanate from the Gospel mandate of compassion and peace.

Along with meeting monthly for discussion and facilitating Steadfast Hope groups over the years, we sponsor speakers such as Alison Weir and panel discussions about the “facts on the ground” in Palestine, at local libraries and meeting halls.

We are aligned with Bob Cooke's Pax Christi, Wash. D.C group, as they work to have Palestine- Israel as a priority issue for all Pax Christi regional and local groups throughout the U.S.

Our group (formerly Peace for Palestine/West of Boston) has met almost every month since 2004. We welcome new attendees.


And of special focus for our local MetroWest group:
Quote from Mazin Qumsiyeh’s newsletter, 4/21/18

“The man who inflicts violence on women and children was damaged during childhood.
The white person who inflicts violence on people of colour was damaged during childhood.
The employer who exploits workers was damaged during childhood.
The individual who endorses the state violence inflicted on indigenous peoples was damaged during childhood.
The terrorist, the political leader who wages war and the soldier who kills in our name were all damaged during childhood.
The person who supports structures of violence (such as the military, police, legal and prison systems) was damaged during childhood.
The person who supports structures of exploitation (such as capitalism and imperialism) was damaged during childhood.
The person who thoughtlessly participates in destruction of the natural environment was damaged during childhood.”