Palestine Education Network (PEN)



Mailing address: 4 Park Street, Suite 210 - Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 228-0559



The purpose of the Palestinian Education Network (PEN) is to educate its members and others about the true nature of the conflict in Palestine and Israel and the role that the United States is playing in the conflict. We are particularly concerned that the US role is currently one that seldom questions any activities of the Israeli government. Many Israeli practices towards Palestinians are clearly in opposition to the principles and values of justice, the rule of law, and equality that are the foundation of our country.

We support the right of Palestinians and Israelis to live a peaceful life with freedom, opportunity, and dignity. We understand that criticism of the Israeli administration over its treatment of Palestinians is a highly emotional topic to discuss in the United States.

Therefore, we would like to bring more people into a respectful dialogue about what is happening and what we can do as citizens to bring about a just peace. We educate the general public and inform elected officials about our views. We write articles, send letters to newspaper editors, and sponsor forums and lectures throughout the state of New Hampshire.