North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice



Mailing address: 20 Harvard Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: (978) 283-6049



Who we are

The North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice is a coalition of groups and individuals from the communities of The North Shore of Massachusetts. The Coalition came together in the winter-spring of 2002. It meets every other week on Wednesdays from 7-9 PM at the House of Peace, 1 High St., Ipswich. Telephone: (978) 356-9395.


Our purpose

The North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice strives to

  • bring together individuals and groups from across the North Shore to oppose war and create peace
  • address the underlying issues that lead to war and
  • support peaceful, multilateral approaches to resolve international disputes including, for example, the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, The World Court, and other non- violent channels of international diplomacy and law.

Its goals are twofold:

  • to support activities of North Shore groups working for peace and justice; and
  • to initiate North Shore–wide peace actions.