Human Rights Awareness: Palestine Israel


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HRA:PI, Human Rights Awareness: Palestine Israel, is under the umbrella of the Social Justice Ministries Council at the Harvard UU Church in the Town of Harvard, MA.
It is a chapter of UUJME

The group has hosted speakers and film screenings and reached out to other churches in the Town of Harvard, MA

Mission Statement.
Harvard UU Church, Human Rights Awareness: Palestine Israel (HRA:PI) mission statement 2018-2019:
- to learn about and to inform people in our church and community about the situation in Israel and Palestine and how we Americans are supporting it;
- to encourage people to share different opinions about this and provide safe spaces where that can happen;
- to be spiritually grounded - to facilitate spiritual healing and/or spiritual growth within ourselves, our church and local communities when engaged in this subject; and
- to encourage our government representatives, at the local, state, and federal levels to take actions that support human rights for everyone, including Palestinians.

The group organized the dinner and talk for Iyad Burnatt a few years ago. We've also organized dinners and talks for Alice Rothchild and for Nancy Murray. We've held public screenings of films about Palestine and/or the US role, followed by conversations with the audiences, of 5 Broken Cameras, The Wanted 18 (Cows), The Settlers, The Occupation of the American Mind, Where Should the Birds Fly, a Youtube of Eran Efratti's talk to a group in CO, Imprisoning a Generation and others.