Updates from JVP Boston


Pat emailed in the following report on activities:

-  give people a "heads up" regarding an event that's being planned in Boston to acknowledge  Nakba Day on Saturday afternoon, May 12. More information for the calendar soon;

- raise a discussion of holding "stand outs" in cities and towns across our states, where any size group can gather with signs and information about Gaza, about Ahed and Abdul Burnat, about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, about recent home and school demolitions, etc. Having articles available on these subjects to inform people who stop to talk, and, of course, providing handouts specifying actions people can take - such as signing a letter to their Reps to the House, asking them to co-sponsor H.R. 4391, Betty McCollum's bill, asking them to call their Congressional offices and ask their elected officials to  take specific actions, informing people about police chief trips to Israel - are some ways to increase numbers of allies and build momentum;

- post photos of every sign and people at stand-outs, demonstrations, or selfies, of solidarity with people in Gaza, or elsewhere, so that the people in Gaza see how many people are paying attention and working to support them - i plan to write to a couple of contacts to find out where we can send these photos and words of solidarity - suggestions?

- encourage everyone to meet with staffers or members of Congress to inform them about what's happening in several fronts in Israel and Palestine and ask them to take action. A group of us met with staffers in Senator Markey's and Warren's offices last week - we asked for an emergency meeting to talk with them about Gaza. We wanted them to make a public statement before last Friday, in an effort to get more pressure on the Israeli government to stop shooting protestors in Gaza (and everywhere). They "got" that every Friday Israeli soldiers are shooting more people and that meeting with us before the next Friday could help them take a step that might save lives. Did everyone sign Rebuilding Alliance letters to Congress - if 3 people from a CD sign, R.A. will try to set up a conference call with the foreign policy  member for that member of the House and someone on the ground in Gaza and those constituents who signed the R.A. letter.

Both VT-er's senators are already aware of what's happening in Gaza and have already made satements - perhaps they can take other actions, next steps - introducing a bill to apply the Leahy Act to Israel?