Foundational Principles

The New England Network for Justice for Palestine is founded on the following principles

  1. To raise the awareness of the American public regarding the situation in Palestine / Israel.
  2. To promote the end of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and control of resources.
  3. To support a just resolution for the Palestinian people [including refugees] and the Israeli people, consistent with UN resolutions, international law, human rights, and principles of non-violence.


What NENJP Does

NENJP provides the potential for beneficial interaction between the Network's affiliates.

NENJP facilitates periodic meetings [approximately three times a year, when affiliates are most likely planning their calendars] for the purpose of sharing affiliate's events, initiatives, actions and campaigns

NENJP maintains a website and Internet list-serve in order to improve contact and interaction between its affiliates. A key part of the website is an interactive unified calendar of initiatives, campaigns, actions, demonstrations, and events sponsored by its affiliates.


What NENJP Is NOT and Does NOT Do

NENJP is not an independent organization or formal coalition.

NENJP does not initiate or adopt activities separate from its affiliated groups.

NENJP recognizes that affiliated groups have differing positions on some issues and, therefore, will not impose a unified position that conflicts with any affiliate's mission or statement of purpose.

NENJP does not take a position on potentially divisive issues for the Network unless adopted by at least three quarters of its affiliates.